Shri. Ghanshyambhai Patel

Chairman, 2004 - 2006, 2008 - present

I am humbled to be the Chairman of APMC Mahuva. APMC Mahuva is by the Farmers, for the Farmers and of the Farmers. Farmers stepping in to Marketing yard today have apparent experience that their voice is reaching up to the upper management. Here farmers rights are well protected along with transparent scaling, selling and transaction.

Today farmer of Mahuva enters in to the Yard with due respect and feel proud to be associated with this organisation. A marketing yard is a Kalpvriksh or a Kamdhenu to provide a better facility and life style to the farmers. Thus we protect the rights by providing honest and pious administration. As you know and experience that our administrative goal is to protect the basic fundamentals of our motto ‘ Kisan Devo Bhav’. Yard is like a temple which is administered with due honesty. The Chairmanship to me is not a position of power but is a place of worship. Every rupee coming from your sources with hardship and honesty is credited with your noble purposes and I am the protector of your rights.

I am also energized by the members of APMC who put trust on me to work independently. Thus credit goes to all who contributed. Especially Agriculture Minister, Former Agricultural ministers, Major APMC of the states like Chairmen of Unjha, Ahmedabad , Surat and Gondal, Directors of Agriculture Departments, Collectors and Junagadh Agriculture University.

Apart from Chairmanship of APMC I have been the Director of Gujarat State Agriculture Market Board, Co-director in Market Controlled Board. I have been also supported by the many Agricultural Scientist throughout my career who also helped me to enrich my experience with the farmers of Mahuva. Being a son of farmer and business hereditary led me to administer 3 terms in the Mahuva APMC with trustworthy success. At last I come to the conclusion with the grand success of our income and expenditure. After spending 6 crore for the developmental work, still APMC Mahuva is credited with 4 crore of huge balance. In forthcoming projects, we are planning for huge Onion Park worth Rs.20 crore.

I assure utmost honesty in all my dealings as Chairman of APMC Mahuva. My first and foremost duty shall always remain towards the betterment of farmers of Mahuva Taluka.

  • The APMC is giving Silpollin Talpatri to the Farmers with Subsidy7/3/2013more
  • The Cotton seeds for feeding catels is giving by Rs. 8/- Per Kg. To Farmers by APMC7/3/2013more
  • The APMC Mahuva has also started to give Natural Insurance of Rs. 1 Lac for the farmer of 7/3/2013more
Agricultural Product Marketing Committee, Mahuva was established in 1858 by a local lawyer named Shree Jugaldas Mehta. The APMC was established for the purpose of regulating the marketing of different kinds of Agricultural Produce.

APMC was primarily set up to cater to the marketing needs of the farmers and provide them a platform for selling agricultural produce in various markets and at competitive prices.It is spread across 90 bighas of land. Mahuva and its surrounding villages are best known for its onion production in India.

I am humbled to be the Chairman of APMC Mahuva. APMC Mahuva is by the Farmers, for the Farmers and of the Farmers.
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